New World Workplace


Fast Facts

  • A New World Workplace for the New World Employee
  • Employee-first design putting millennials front and centre
  • Ideal for fast-growth, dynamic and IT–savvy businesses
  • Workplaces that promote employee health and happiness

Work culture is in a period of change. Millennials are front and centre, demanding better designed spaces that encourage work-life balance and enhance authenticity for a healthier future. With work that sparks creative energy, and places that support a light footprint.

are evolving

The new world workplace fosters a culture of innovation that appeals to fast-growth, dynamic and IT savvy businesses, who aspire to look good where appearances are everything. They understand their employees want to not only work in a convenient and ‘happening’ area, but also want nuanced and real experiences within a foundation of wellbeing. It’s perfect for businesses to get the winning edge in the battle for talent.

Industry Lanes aims to be at the forefront of change in Richmond; A New World Workplace for the New World Employee.

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  • 2,250 employees
  • Vibrant, campus-style design
  • Flexible and agile workspaces
  • 1,300m2 retail, food and beverage

Unique Work / Style

Employee-first design

An employee-first workplace, Industry Lanes responds to the preferred behaviours, beliefs and attitudes of the new world employee — millennials — who will make up 50 per cent of the Richmond workforce by 2020. They want their work to have meaning and purpose. And they want to work in an environment that actually promotes productivity, prioritising health and happiness.

This is not just a building, but a brand new precinct right here in Richmond. Its working environments are highly flexible, catering for large tenants and strata business owners alike, so that fast-moving businesses can expand at any pace all within one integrated development.

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