A Precinct?


Fast Facts

  • A diverse campus style precinct
  • Bright, sunny open air courtyard spaces
  • Flexible spaces for meeting and relaxing
  • A curated collection of shops, restaurants and retail

Thanks to Architectus and Salta, Industry Lanes is a best-practice workplace and mixed-use, A-Grade precinct. The site echoes urban Richmond with three buildings stitched together by a common plane – the campus – featuring a mix of large and small in-between spaces including retail, communal amenities, open air courtyards and shared work zones. It’s a small town, without the small-town mentality.

An A-grade

Far beyond a typical commercial development, Industry Lanes offers a diverse approach with an organic collection of businesses. The campus is overloaded with choice, from cafes and quick-serve food to restaurants, each activating the street level inviting public and private use. And the surrounding amenity gives rise to an overwhelming array of choice for workers, from bars and restaurants to cafes and pubs. The local retail offerings complement, rather than compete with, the large range of existing food and retail options beyond the front door.


Typical floorplate

Not just a workplace. A community.

  • Vibrant, campus-style design
  • Multiple public spaces and entrances
  • 150m2 of wellness and green space
  • 1,300m2 retail, food and beverage
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A curated collection of shops, restaurants and retail brings the precinct to life for every worker. So, there’s no need to traipse across town for an almond milk latte; just head downstairs. Where great food options, hand-picked outlets and a rear childcare centre offer everything needed from day to day.

Zones and pathways punctuate the site breaking up the scale of the buildings and mirroring the street-level of Richmond. For it’s here, in the spaces between the buildings where casual encounters flourish and a sense of community follows.

Industry Lanes is the benchmark for all others to follow, and the lead role in the transformative change in Church Street’s amenity and architecture for years to come.

It’s what’s in between
the buildings,
that counts.