Work/Life Style


Fast Facts

  • Tech-savvy, campus-style design
  • Dedicated spaces for wellbeing
  • World-class end-of-trip facilities
  • Abundant retail conveniences and green zones

A contemporary working environment, Industry Lanes is highly tech-savvy with agile workspaces and breakout zones for the modern employee. It heralds a new era of office campus-style developments in Richmond and captures the very essence of what a cool, contemporary workspace is in today’s design landscape.

Catch up over
coffee (not over
the water cooler)

Tangible aspects such as agile workspaces and breakout zones appeal to the light footprint nature of the modern employee. They’re balanced by the intangible: work-life balance and mindfulness via end-of-trip facilities, green zones, multi-purpose spaces for yoga and wellbeing initiatives and day-to-day retail conveniences. A perfect antidote to stress, with moments of calmness to blur the lines between working and living.

  • 150m2 of wellness spaces
  • 490m2 world-class end of trip
  • 1,300m2 retail, food and beverage
  • Fully landscaped courtyards
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Vibrant courtyards
encouraging collaboration

At Industry Lanes, trees are tops. And they’re everywhere, because the inner-city could always benefit from a few more. It’s due to a careful coordination of engineering, architecture and landscape that a ‘trees first’ approach is adopted, which acknowledges the incredible power of green zones for not only wellbeing, but also productivity and creativity.

The centrepiece is the garden courtyard, with low, medium and canopy layers of vegetation that can be enjoyed by all levels from nearby buildings. Complemented with raised decking, furniture and other seating elements, the courtyard is demarcated with intimate pockets for public and retail seating. It’s landscaping on another level.

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Good mornings

State of the art end-of-trip experience

Goodbye sweaty changerooms and hello to a hotel experience. More like the trappings of a boutique hotel, the end-of-trip facilities at Industry Lanes feature best-practice design. Recognising that today’s workforce values work wellbeing, Industry Lanes provides a state-of-the-art amenity that provides total round-the-clock convenience for employees. Whether it’s cycling to the office or a night on the town, the end-of-trip facilities are a stylish base to get in and out of the office. And with a third-party concierge service operator in place – Equiem – expect consumables, a linen service and dry cleaning to get the everyday sorted effortlessly.

Beyond sustainability

Creating a truly sustainable building in the 21st century means more than simply ticking green boxes and claiming the kudos. It’s about transformative thinking to meet the demands of tomorrow’s workers today.

Continuing a long-standing commitment to sustainability, Industry Lanes has achieved a 5 Star Green Star – Design & As Built v1.2 rating. Green Star is Australia’s only national and voluntary rating system for buildings and communities and will ensure that Industry Lanes demonstrates excellence in:

• Energy efficiency
• Emissions reductions
• Alternative transport facilities
• Reduced water consumption
• Low impact materials
• Comfort and wellbeing of occupants

Industry Lanes is also proud to be a part of Fitwel; the world’s leading certification system committed to building health for all. The certification is a building rating system for evaluating health-affecting aspects of the built environment. Ultimately improving occupant wellbeing, while benefiting employee performance, retention, and recruitment.

5 Star Design
Green Star rating